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-DBZ Movie 4 to come to video soon.
-Look for DBZ Movie 5 to come to movie theatres this Winter.
-Texas raveged my twister Funimation hit!
-Possible DBZ card game to come soon this month or next.
-Trunks comming to DBZ this May on video.
-Season 4 of DBZ comming this fall.
-Fast food promotion comming soon for DBZ.
-DBGT possibly to come this fall.



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The Fusion Dance

This is the Fusion dance. Son Gokou first learned this move in the Buu Saga it is when 2 fighters use into one giant powered fighter this come in handy when your fighting a warrior twice as powerful as you are. If the pose is preformed correctly and both fighters use it the same way the fused warrior will be more powerful than the original two fighters. If it is preformed wrong the chances are you will be one fat character that isnt more powerful than the original warriors that fused together. For instance when Gokou and Vegeta fused in DBZ Movie 12 (Rebirth Of Fusion Gokou And Vegeta) the first time their power was less than Gokou's it is supposed to be more. The Second time they fused they kicked the crap out of Janemba. This proves that fusion is much better than just fighting 2 on 1.

Requirements: Needs to know the dance,
also needs to have the same power level,
and needs to do the oposite dance of the other person so they can meet in the middle.

Who can preform: Goten and Chibi Trunks is Gotenks, Gokou and Vegeta is Gogeta.

Potara Fusion

This is the more powerful form of fusion Potara fusion. In order to preform this all you need is a pair of potara earings. No dance or same power level is required for this form of fusion. Now the warriors need to take one earing each and stick it on their different sides of their ear. Now they will fuse into one huge powered warrior that can kill any one. This form of fusion is more powerful than the fusion dance.

Requirements: Needs a set of potara earings and needs to put one on each person's ear.

Who can preform: Gokou and Vegeta is Vegetto, and all of the kaioshin are fused using this form of fusion.