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-DBZ Movie 4 to come to video soon.
-Look for DBZ Movie 5 to come to movie theatres this Winter.
-Texas raveged my twister Funimation hit!
-Possible DBZ card game to come soon this month or next.
-Trunks comming to DBZ this May on video.
-Season 4 of DBZ comming this fall.
-Fast food promotion comming soon for DBZ.
-DBGT possibly to come this fall.



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Please if you dont know about Vegeta crawl out from under the rock you have been under. Ok Vegeta is the prince of all Saiyan's. He is son of the king of the Saiyans King Vegeta. Vegeta was born with a great deal of power. Vegeta is the second strongest next to Son Gokou. Vegeta since he fought Goku on earth was always trying to be better than Gokou. But as vegeta will soon find out Goku is the most superior of all Saiyan's. On the planet Namek Vegeta is the first one to know that Gokou has become the evil Frieza's worst nightmare a Super Saiyan All it takes is that much to throw Vegeta off the edge. Vegeta can't aquire this level because of the requirements. So after Gokou defeats the evil Frieza Vegeta is over joyed because Gokou and Frieza are supposedly dead. But when Vegeta finds out that Gokou is not dead Vegeta uses all of his might to try to become a Suoer Saiyan and soon he does. Vegeta in my opinion is one of the most ruthless beings in the beginning of DBZ. But Vegeta realizes that the reason Gokou is much more superior to him is beacuse Gokou fights with a clean heart and Gokou fights with a evil heart this makes him substantully weaker than Gokou. Son Vegeta finally becomes good.