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-DBZ Movie 4 to come to video soon.
-Look for DBZ Movie 5 to come to movie theatres this Winter.
-Texas raveged my twister Funimation hit!
-Possible DBZ card game to come soon this month or next.
-Trunks comming to DBZ this May on video.
-Season 4 of DBZ comming this fall.
-Fast food promotion comming soon for DBZ.
-DBGT possibly to come this fall.



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Son Gohan

Who doesn't know about the great Saiyan Man. Son Gokou's first son. Gohan was born with a higher power level than even Gokou's. Gokou was very suprised when Gohan was able to defeat the evil Garlic JR (DBZ Movie 1: Return My Gohan/Dead Zone). Gohan even had enought power to put a great hurting on Gokou's older brother Raditz. Even I could not believe that Gohan at hisa age had a much higher power level that even his father Gokou the strongest fighter on earth (at the time....). As Gohan grows he learns how to control his power from the aide of the great Piccolo. Thanks ot piccolo Gohan is now one of the strongest fighters in the universe. Gohan was how ever lacking one major thing the power to become a Super Saiyan. After Gokou returns to earth meets Future Trunks. Gets his medicine to help get rid of his herat disease he got wile fighting Frieza on namek. Although Gohan did not become a Super Saiyan right away he was able to do it wile in the room of spirit and time where one day is equal to one year in earth time. Gohan was so enraged that he could not become one and of all the bad things that have happened to him and his friends that he went Super Saiyan and almost blew Super Saiyan Gokou away. Gohan was also the first one to go beyond Super Saiyan something that his father was trying to do but couldn't. Wile fighting cell Gohan just went all out when he saw every one hurt. Gokou now is in shock that Gohan was able to do it before him. This proves that Gohan in fact is the strongest of all Saiyans but thanks to his mom Chi chi he is not able to unlock his full power. (Note that Gohan is the one in the bottom of this pic)