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-DBZ Movie 4 to come to video soon
-Look for DBZ Movie 5 to come to movie theatres this Winter.
-Texas raveged my twister Funimation hit!
-Possible DBZ card game to come soon this month or next.
-Trunks comming to DBZ this May on video.
-Season 4 of DBZ comming this fall.
-Fast food promotion comming soon for DBZ.
-DBGT possibly to come this fall.



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Son Gokou

The main person in Dragonball Z, GT is Son Gokou. Son Gokou is the strongest fighter in the universe. At first goku doesnt seem to be the strongest when his son Gohan had a higher power level than his. But as we soon find out Gokou has the rare power to triple his power level. This makes him deadly in combat. As the evil frieza will learn he is no ordanary saiyan. He was the first one to become a legendary super saiyan. With incredible power Gokou defeats Frieza. Soon after this Gokou becomes the only one to ever control the power of super saiyan 3 (in the picture to the left). Gokou was also the first one to become a saiyan level 4 (some say super saiyan 4). Thanks to the power he has withing he saves the world a countless number of times.