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-DBZ Movie 4 to come to video soon.
-Look for DBZ Movie 5 to come to movie theatres this Winter.
-Texas raveged my twister Funimation hit!
-Possible DBZ card game to come soon this month or next.
-Trunks comming to DBZ this May on video.
-Season 4 of DBZ comming this fall.
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-DBGT possibly to come this fall.


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Forms Of A Saiyan

1.Nomal Mode

This is the first mode of a Saiyan. As you can see their is a regular muscle mass and black hair. all Saiyan's have black hair but Trunks and Bra because they are only half Saiyan and Bulma their mom has a different color hair. Gohan is a half Saiyan but the reason his hair isn't different is because Gokou and Chi Chi both have black hair. This form has all good features. All normal Saiyan's have a tail but Gokou because his was removed. Goten and Trunks never had a tail because their fahters were already Super Saiyans.

Advantages: The ability to turn into a Oozaru (Giant Ape). This multiplies his power level by 10
Disadvantages: None

2.Oozaru (Ware Monkey)

This is a level that normal saiyan can reach when they look at a full moon and absorb 100,000 brute waves. Thet grow into a giant ape and their power is multiplied times 10. They can destroy intire planets in this form.

Adavntages: Power is times 10
Disadvantages: None

Every Saiyan with a tail can do this.


3.Super Saiyan

Every one knows about super saiyan's these very rare warriors are not only powerful but ruthless as well. The reason for this is because when A saiayn is pure of heart and has the correct power level (800,000) he can surpass all other saiyan's the only catch is the power must be triggered by extreme rage. When this happens Tremendous power upsurges cause the saiyan's hair to turn gold and his eyes to turn green. Gokou was the first one to go super saiyan wile fighting Frieza in Dragonball Z. After that the order they go super saiyan is: Vegeta (goes ssj wile training and cant go ssj so he gets so mad that he goes ssj, his heart is pure.... pure evil), than Gohan (training in the room of spirit and time with Gokou he gets mad cause he thinks he's so weak), Trunks, and Goten. Future Trunks fits in here some where.

Advantages: Super Power, Gold hair, green eyes, and increased muscle size.
Disadvantages: None

Gokou, Vegeta, Gohan, Trunks (both future and Chibi), Goten, Gotenks (fused between Goten and Trunks), Gogeta (fused between Gokou and Vegeta dance type of fusion), Vegitto (fused Gokou and Vegeta Potara fusion), and Brolly (the legendary super saiyan) have reached this level.

4.Ultra Saiyan (between ssj and ssj 2)

This level is in between super saiyan and super saiyan 2. It features huge amount of power. It increases muscle size almost double it's normal size. Their is only one bad thing about this level it makes the saiyan extremely slow and open for attacks.

Advantages: More power and increased muscle mass.
Disadvantages: Slower movement leaves saiyan open for attacks.

Vegeta, Trunks (future), and Brolly have reached this level.

5. Super Saiyan 2 (AKA beyond Super Saiyan)

This level was first obtained by Gohan during the Cell game. This level features power beyond Super Saiyan. Their is increased muscle size, Longer hair, and the ability to choose where to put your power like defense, agility Etc. Nothing is much more special about this stage.

Advantages: Increased muscle mass, more power, longer hair, choose where to put power, and faster movment.
Disadvantages: Uses alot of power leaves saiyan tired and weak.

Gokou, Gohan, Vegeta, Trunks (future), Brolly, and Vegitto have reached this level.

6.Super Saiyan 3

This level of super saiyan is the most powerful of all the levels. It was reached in the Buu saga by Gokou and Gotenks. It has hair down to the saiyan's feet, the eye brows dissapear, the power and muscle mass is huge. The eyes almost turn blue. This level is my favorite cause it just looks so cool. It features the ability to choose where to put a majority of your power like ssj 2 but greater. Vegeta cheats to get to this level by using Bulma's brute wave.

Advantages: Huge power and strength, power usage controling is the best I have seen.
Disadvantages: Makes the saiyan tired too fast and uses up too much power.

Gokou and Gotenks have reached this level.

7. Super Saiyan 4 (Saiyan level 4)

This is not really a level of super saiyan but it might as well fit in with it. It is in Dragonball GT. This level is the strongest of all the saiyan levels. It features a normal body with muscle mass at normal size. The hair and everything is back to normal but a little messed up. This level has red fur on the chest though. It is very strong and you need to be careful because it only lasts for 10 min. in this state. Gogeta went into this state but only lasted for 20 min instead of the fusion's normal 30.

Advantages: Super strengeth and power.
Disadvanges: Doesn't last very long.

Gokou, Vegeta, and Gogeta were the only ones know to go into this level.

8.Golden Oozaru (Golden Oozaru)

This is golden Oozaru it has been reached by Gokou and Vegeta. It is like Oozaru but its gold. The only reason is that it has superior power and can only be reached by a super saiyan with a tail looking at the planet earth from the planet Vegeta.

Advantages: Awsome power and speed.
Disadvantages: none

Gokou and Vegeta were the only ones to reach this level.

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